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Thank you for your interest in promoting our unique properties to your clients. We can now offer our same great selection and service to agencies with clients requiring unique and special places to stay. Agencies can now offer our inns, hotels, and itineraries to their clients, without having to worry about time differences, language barriers, or individual agency contracts. Not only do you get access to our knowledgeable staff who can recommend specific lodging and interesting visits, but you can refer your clients directly to us and as long as you have an existing agency account, we will honor that referral as your reservation. Keep in mind we can recommend places to stay across the globe – check out the other countries link at the top of the page to see our other sites. Please contact us (with your IATA/TIDS designation and government/business license number) along with your own website address. If you meet our requirements, we will send you our terms and conditions.

What services do you provide to agencies?

We provide exactly the same service and selection to you as we do to our end users. We will require your corporate credit card in advance. We are happy to provide suggested itineraries, however, in the event of no reservations being made by your client, there would be a charge of 20 euros per day. Provided your client reserves our suggested itinerary, or alternate hotels on our site, then there is no itinerary fee.

How do I sign up?

Click the sign up button below and follow the instructions.
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Agents use our sites in exactly the same manner as our end users, except for one extra step: logging in when making an enquiry. On the request availability page there is a button labelled "I'm an Agent" on the right. When making an enquiry it is important that you click this button so that we can file this enquiry in your agency file. Agent Login Button

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