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Inns of Spain is an independent collection of inns and hotels throughout Spain. We specialize mostly in small and charming hotels.  However we also represent exceptional larger city hotels. We have visited and chosen most of the hotels on our site.

Small and special inns in Spain

Spain has always had smaller, traditionally styled inns and hotels. These were rarely marketed to people outside Spain: they didn’t appear in international guides, didn’t have websites and typically did not have any English-speaking staff. The number of these small inns increased dramatically around 2002. With the encouragement and funding from local government and tourism organizations, it became financially attractive for owners of historical or significant properties - which often were left in ruin as they were too expensive to maintain - to convert them into small hotels and guesthouses. Thus the small hotel revolution began in Spain, and now there is an impressive number of beautifully restored old buildings throughout the country operating as small family-run hotels and guesthouses. Inns of Spain was one of the first online guides to market these small, relatively unknown inns to the English-speaking traveler.

There is a great diversity in the origins of the buildings that have been converted to inns and also in the style that the owners have chosen to feature.  Some have been restored to their former state, and have decoration and furniture typical of the era. Others have maintained their original facades but have wonderfully modern interiors (many of the inns have won architectural awards for their extraordinary blending of ancient and modern).  Click on the links below to see what we mean….

Traditional: Palacio de la Rambla - Modern: Hotel Neri - In Between: Mirabo de Valldemossa

Because many of these properties are family-run there is added personality and owner’s pride in the operation. You also get first-hand knowledge of the history of the building and the area’s highlights. If you’re looking for a culturally interesting small hotel experience, we recommend the little inns throughout the countryside.

Are you the Inns type?

Our small inns in the Spanish countryside, or small boutique hotels in the towns might not be for everyone. If you like to order room service at 4 in the morning, or take comfort in the predictability of a hotel room, it is unlikely that our inns and hotels will suit you. The front desk may not be open 24 hours, there may be restricted meal times (or no meals at all except for breakfast). Another aspect is the lack of smaller special  hotels in larger cities (e.g. Madrid and Barcelona). While we've bolstered our listings with some of the best larger city hotels that do have some personality and special benefits, some of the time you will probably need to stay on the outskirts  of town if you’re specifically looking for smaller hotels. Small and medium sized cities like Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Segovia etc. often do have a good selection of exceptional small hotels.

Our small hotels should not be considered ‘discount’ or ‘last-minute’ when it comes to rates. That isn’t to say they aren’t good value for money, or don’t offer specials - they just don’t use the same online allocation and distribution systems as many larger or chain hotels, and therefore don’t fit well into the hyper-discount category. For our smaller inns, this means that instant online reservations are often not available, and rates show little fluctuation. While the majority of our hotels do not allocate rooms to the large discount travel websites, a few of them do set aside one or two rooms. We want to pass this convenience on to you, particularly if yours is a last-minute requirement and you need instant confirmation. Our system will check all the rates offered by a hotel and we will offer you the best available rate through whatever source that may be. Remember that if you check a large discount travel site and it shows a hotel as full or 'only one room left' this means their allocation has been filled. The hotel may well have rooms left and we will be pleased to verify this for you, although it could take a few minutes or a few hours to ascertain this for you. You will always receive our personalised and efficient service on any enquiry and reservation made through our site.

Inns of Spain's role

Firstly, we maintain a listing of hotels. This involves personally visiting the majority of the hotels we list and carefully monitoring feedback from our clients. Our listings are ‘invitation only’ and hotels can not pay to join. You will not find another website or guidebook with the same selection of hotels: ours is unique, and we don’t syndicate our listings to other websites.

We provide a free reservations service for the hotels in our listings. We are available by phone, fax, email, and chat to discuss hotels, itineraries, tours and to provide reservations. We can also check availability and reserve a room for you at some hotels that are not on our site (it simply means that we haven't visited that particular hotel so we cannot vouch for its quality).

Since we know our product first-hand, we hold a distinct advantage over the big travel aggregators who generally have little concept of the location, style or personality of a hotel. We can answer your questions confidently about our hotels and, in addition, can help you arrange third party tours and transfers. As our clients are from around the world, we leave it to you to book your own airline tickets.  A credit card is required to secure any reservation, and unlike many of the large travel aggregator websites, we make no charges: you pay directly to the hotel upon check-out. However, it is important to note that some of our hotels DO require a deposit and the hotel will take this from the card provided. A few of our hotels even take a non-refundable deposit – so please ensure that you read carefully the deposit/cancellation  policy on each hotel’s page. There are no cancellation fees from Inns of Spain, so if you find a lower rate elsewhere you can choose to cancel your reservation made through us. There is no charge for our services but if you still prefer to deal direct with a hotel on our website, we also provide this facility (although in some cases the hotel uses a central reservations system, in which case you would deal with them).

Want to try a Parador ?

We are proud to also represent the Parador chain of hotels separately on our Paradors.net website. The Paradores are a state-owned group of over ninety hotels, most of which are located in magnificent and historic buildings or in beautiful natural countryside or waterfront settings.  Many of the buildings have been recently upgraded and the level of service greatly improved.

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